Production of animated films, documentaries and educational films on film roles, analog and digital media, distribution of our own and imported educational films, organising the Little School of Animated Film, cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts, Animation Section.

Advertising Videos

2D and 3D animation, combination of live film action and animation.

Socially Commited Videos

Short educational films which promote social values, warn about social deviancies and support humanitarian activities.

Promotional Films

Films that represent companies (company profile, showreel) and the support of different events (fairs, festivals, fashion shows, press conferences).

Technical Services

Multiplication of VHS tapes, renting 16 mm and 35 mm cutting desk, trick camera 35mm, video camera DVCAM and digital editing room.

Apllication of characters of the Zagreb School of Animation and creating new characters upon clients request

Using the characters in advertising videos (Maxi Cat – Eurosong, Žabac – Final Four) as well as apllying the characters on different products (clothes, school accessories).

Film screenings

The small theatre Nova Ves, Nova Ves 18 has 40 seats. Films can be screened in both 16 mm and 35 mm film roles as well as video projections (Beta, VHS, DVD).

Little School of Animated Film

Established five years ago with the main purpose to spread the interest for creativity in the field of animated film among kids.
In a three year programme the students learn the basics of classical animation and receive a certified diploma. At the end of each year the kids make their own animated film on a joint tape.
At first those are simple animated films and coming towards the end of the course they become more complicated.
Finally at the end they become real art work.


BBDO, Grey Worldwide, Leo Burnett, Kandit Osijek, Niveta, Ministry of Environment, Ministarstvo of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Croatian Archery Association, Zagreb Fair, Edition Helbling (Austria) and many others.

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