Directed by: Danijel Žeželj

Duration: 6 minutes


The film is inspired by texts and testimonies of the Portuguese journalist Pedro Rosa Mendes during his work and stay in Western Africa. The text on which the film is based is a testimony of boy called Morie from the village of Bendu Malen in Sierra Leone. In 1997, the rebel army of the Revolutionary United Front came into the village and killed the entire population, 1100 people. The 5-year-old boy Morie was the only one left alive to witness the massacre. Ironically, he was proclaimed the prince of the village. The film imagines and depicts the situation in which, ten years later, a boy with Morie’s experience wakes up in a Western European city. Through his point of view, we follow his morning routine, while everyday scenes turn into scenes of African horror. The scenes end in full darkness, with boy’s hands pulling aside the darkness like curtains, letting sunlight into the room.