Zagreb film, 2019
6 min 27 sec, 16:9, Color, Stereo
Technique / 2D computer
Producer  / Vinko Brešan
Artistic Supervisor /  Simon Bogojević Narath
Director, Scriptwriter, Animator  / Danijel Žeželj
Film and sound editor  / Dubravka Turić
 Music Composer / Alen Sinkauz
Re-recording / Mixer Ivan Zelić
Color grading / Domagoj Lozina
Music recording and mastering / Hrvoje Pelicarić
Executive Producer / Andrijana Vidaček

The film Themes is an animated journey through a series of art themes accompanied by encyclopedia definitions. The seemingly educational presentation of Western figurative painting is actually a visual and aural sequence of fleeing war and trying to enter Europe. The art themes transform into documentary everyday scenes in an absurdist contrast between the image and the message, the form and the function, the objective and the subjective. A journey through the humanist tradition of European painting clashes with the real tragedy of current-day emigration.

Danijel Žeželj was born in Zagreb in 1967, a graphic novelist, animator, painter and illustrator. His comics and illustrations has been published in Europe, Africa, Australia and North, Middle and South America. His work has been published by DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, Heavy Metal, The New York Times Book Review, Harper’s Magazine, Dargaud, Grifo Edizioni, Hazard, etc. He is author of more than twenty graphic novels and six animation movies. In Zagreb, Croatia, he co-founded workshop Petikat.

Filmography animated films:
–       Themes, 6:27, (Zagreb Film, 2019)
–       RED RIDING HOOD REDUX, 10:50, (Zagreb Film, 2017)
–        A WORLD OF WONDER, 05:34, (Petikat / C’mon Tigre, 2015)
–       THOUSAND, 05:37, (Zagreb Film / Petikat, 2014)
–       FIBONACCI BREAD, 07:30, (Zagreb Film / Petikat, 2012)
–       A DIFFERENT BUNNY, 02:30, (Fifth Floor, 2010),