Duration: 2:42 min
Production: Ustanova Zagreb film / ALU (Academy of Fine Arts)
Producers: Vinko Brešan, Tomislav Buntak

Distribution: Ustanova Zagreb film
Dialogue/ naration: NO
Format: 16 x 9
Technique: 2 D kompjuter/ 2D computer
Color, original format: HD
Genre: fantasy / surreal / adventure / comedy / magical realism / mystery 
Director, Scriptwriter, Editor:  Stella Hartman
Animation: Stella Hartman
Sound editing: Stella Hartman
Mentor: Darko Kreč

A unicorn wakes up, only to find out that he is an astral projection after a series of odd events. He spends the rest of the day trying to get back into his body, and go back home into his own mind.
Animation department student at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb. She is working with animation since the age of 9, and she had a couple very successful short films at some film festivals featuring children’s films. Alongside animation she is interested in video game production.