Ustanova Zagreb film, 2018 duration 8’15”, 16:9, Color, Stereo
technique stop-motion 2D
producer Vinko Brešan
artistic supervisor Simon Bogojević Narath
director, scriptwriter, camera, editor, puppets and set design  Dea Jagić                
set design asistents Lea Kralj Jager, Damir Šuša
animation Dea Jagić, Lea Kralj Jager
light  Viktor Gloc
postproduction Mario Kalodjera
music, sound design, foley Siniša Krneta                 
organizer Drago Prokopec
executive producer Andrijana Vidaček

Using a subjective camera, this atmospheric film portrays a journey of the main character and his guide, the red fox, through surreal rooms symbolizing his life.

Dea Jagić was born in 1985. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with animated experimental film Objects. Since then collaborated on various projects as an animator, illustrator, director and designer. Past is growing is her second author film.


Past, present, changing of perception. What hinders us from going forward and why the past always makes us go backwards? What is that moment in cognizance when the perception changes? The question is how we experience it and how we deal with it.