2018 running time 4’34” min, 16 x 9
production: Ustanova Zagreb film / ALU (Academy of Fine Arts)
Producers Vinko Brešan, Aleksandar Batistta Ilić
distribution Ustanova Zagreb film
Tehnika 2D computer
Director, Scriptwriter, Editor Katarina Jukić
animation Katarina Jukić
coloring Katarina Jukić
compositing Katarina Jukić
music and sound design Ivor Plužarić
mentor Darko Kreč

Paranoja Paranoje is a short animated film. Through life each person needs to deal with certain obligations and responsibilities. While most people only feel discomfort, few people are experiencing anxiety that they will perform even the simplest tasks the wrong way. Such manifestations often cause insomnia or nightmares. The main character Studoš, during his work on seminar, experience surreal feeling through the nightmare, created from his fear of failure of not finish work on time.
Katarina Jukić was born 6. Jan 1992. in Gernsbach, Germany. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb Animation and New Media department. Working mostly on 2D animation illustration and character design. During her study at the Academy she also worked on many projects. From visual design and animation on short educational animation, several pilot animation projects, also worked with her colleagues on the student trailer for Animafest 2015, Zagreb, worked as an animator and color artist on docu-animated feature film Chriss the Swiss by Anja Kofmel and she made three short animated films. Paranoja Paranoje is her graduation film.