Running time: 6’15” Graduation film / 2019. genre: horror, 12+ colour, Format 4:3  
Technique lutka film / puppet animation
Production / Zagreb film & ALU (Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb)
Producers / Vinko Brešan Aleksandar Batista Ilić
Distribution / Zagreb film
Narration  / no
Directed by / Ivana Radić
Screenwriter / Ivana Radić
Design / Ivana Radić
Animation / Ivana Radić
Editing and postproduction / Ivana Radić
Sound designer / Maura Batarilović, Sendi Pucer

„Misplaced Memories“ is a classic puppet- animated short film evolved through the period of two years, starting with gener ideology, feminism and the problem of understanding oneself, then turning into a more complex question of good vs evil, trying to define the fine line between what is humane, and what is natural. The main character is a humanoid rabbit that lives alone in a cabin, trying to fight his „evil“ side by extracting his memories into little bottles, so that he can take control over himself, and stop that side from doing harmful things that he ends up regretting. The idea emerged from my own battles I’ve fought against myself, against my representation of myself and the person I expect myself to be, as well as contemplating about the sole definition of good, nature, and what is natural.

Ivana Radić was born in 1992 in Pula. Lived and went to elementary school in Poreč, then went on to live and study in Pula where I finished art school for graphic design. After moving to Rijeka for a semester and studying history and philosophy at The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, I got accepted into Academy of fine arts in Zagreb where I got my masters degree in animated film and new media in 2018. While studying in Zagreb, I participated in many different projects, mostly those revolving around 2D animation, stop-motion animation, graphic design and video-editing.