Zagreb film, 2020



8 min 14 sec, 16:9, Color, Stereo, film debut, drama


technique  –  2D computer


Producer  –   Vinko Brešan


Artistic Supervisor  –  Simon Bogojević Narath


Director, scriptwriter, animator , illustration, layout  –  Lucija Bužančić


Music and sound design  –  Mišo Komenda


Final mix  –  Hrvoje Štefotić


dialogue recordist, DCP  –  Bojan Kondres


Executive Producer  –  Andrijana Vidaček






Iris is a girl who fell in love with her projection and then one day just disappeared in a. It is inspired by the myth of Narcissus. This Greek hero became the first person in the world to conceive of art and the first person to fall in love with an image rather than a reality. That is why this story is about vanity, but also about the perception of art. The motivation behind this movie is to shift the focus to Iris, and then retell the old story from her perspective in the age of social media.




Lucija Bužančić is an animator, illustrator and art historian from Split, Croatia, born on the 15th of November in 1989. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb in 2011 (Art History and Archaeology). In 2017, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, in the Department of Animated Film. Her graduation film, “Process” (2017.), was screened in numerous international film festivals, and has been listed on VAF New Talents selection for 2018. She is currently working on her new projects with the Zagreb Film production company.



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