Running time / 4’21”
Production Zagreb film / ALU (Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb)
Producers  / Vinko Brešan, Aleksandar Batista Ilić
Distribution  / Zagreb film
Narration /  no
Color  / BW
Format / 16:9  
Technique /  2D computer animation
Directed by  / Jasna Čagalj
Screenwriter  / Jasna Čagalj
Design / Jasna Čagalj
Animation / Jasna Čagalj, Sunčana Brkulj
Editing and postproduction  / Jasna Čagalj
Sound designer / Willem Miličević
Mentor  / Darko Kreč
It’s an animal with memories. It doesn’t have a tail, it has protruding eyes and strong extremities. Its skin is slimy. I try to catch it but it’s impossible. It always gets away with ease. Secure in its ability to escape, it did not expect to be kicked. The force of the blow robs it of all grace, it no longer exudes strength. It resembles a piece of fabric being blown in the wind. It has teeth, big enough to be noticed. They are all still accounted for. It’s a frog. It is accompanied by four beings. They do not have a tail, but they do have arms and are not humans. They love to eat at the table. They love to eat lunch together. They savor the flavors with their long tongues. The food can be capricious and unpredictable. A stereo is playing in the background. There is a large ficus on the left. While they eat, they do not talk. They are not frogs but they could easily be mistaken for one of them.
Jasna Čagalj was born in 1989 in Split. In 2010 she enrolled in the Film and Video studies at the Arts Academy The Calmest Journey. In 2015 she enrolled into the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. She graduated in 2018 with the animated short NE ĆU (I Won’t) and received her MA in Animation and New Media. During and after her studies in Zagreb she worked as the artistic assistant and programme coordinator for Film Mutations: Festival of Invisible Cinema and Series of Invisible Cinema. She is the assistant and executive producer of numerous exhibitions and videos by artist Sanja Iveković, among others in galleries DAAD (Berlin), espaivisor (Valencia) and State of Concept (Athens). She is the author of the exhibition set ups for the curatorial collective WHW on numerous exhibitions in Nova Gallery and HDLU etc. She is the head of technics for WHW Academy. Technical manager and cultural management intern at the Cultural Information Centre (KIC). She provides technical support for the festivals Organ vida and Plan D, as well as various galleries and museums ((Spot, GMK, Forum Gallery, Lauba, Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb etc.). She works under various pseudonyms.