Grow Up to Be a Little Tree 
2019 /
Running time: 5’40”
Production: Ustanova Zagreb film / ALU (Academy of Fine Arts)
Producers: Vinko Brešan, Tomislav Buntak
Distribution: Ustanova Zagreb film
Dialogue/ naration: NO
Format: 16 x 9
Technique 2 D kompjuter/ 2D computer
Original format: HD
Genre:  drama/ fiction/ coming of age ..
Director, Scriptwriter, Editor: Noemi Ribić
Music: Luka Šipetić
Mentor: Darko Bakliža

A newcomer is beginning to settle in a little town with six other neighbours. Vegatation is scarce, but each neighbour is trying to grow their own tree. The new stranger plants her tree and takes care of it until it grows to be the biggest in their little village. During the night, the other neighbours are getting together to show disapproval and they set her tree on fire. When faced with a fire so big she can not fight it, the newcomer leaves the village in search for a better place.


Noemi Ribić was born in Rijeka on 8th of October in 1995. She finished the gymnasium in Pula and in 2014 she started studying animated film and new media at the Academy of fine arts in Zagreb. During her studies she participated in a group project realised between the students of University of Zagreb and the Croatian National Theatre which won the Rector’s Award in 2016 and in the same year she participated in a student exchange project between the Academy’s department of animated film and new media and the Metropolitan University in London. She finished her BA studies in 2017 and immediately started her MA at the same department. In 2018 she spent one semester in Volda University College in Norway where she worked on a couple of projects, one of them being Emilie Blichfeldt’s film ”Sara’s intimate confessions”, produced at the Norwegian Film School. After the exchange, Noemi finished her first student film ”Grow up to be a little tree”.