production Kreativni sindikat
coproduction and distribution Ustanova Zagreb film
2018 duration 5’27”, 16:9, Color, Stereo, no dialogue
DCP, PRORES .mov file, colour, HD 1920×1080
technique coffee on glass
Idea, drawing, director Daniel Šuljić
producer Igor Grubić, Vinko Brešan
animation Dea Jagić, Ira Bulić, Valent Balun, Daniel Šuljić
music and sound design, Vjeran Šalamon
editor, compositing Daniel Šuljić, Valent Balun

Darkness is coming and soon it will fill up the whole room


Daniel Šuljić is an animation film director and a living and working in both cities. His films were shown at numerous international and national film festivals, different TV stations across the Europe and earned 21 awards so far. He was a member of various international festival competition juries and had several retrospectives (Stuttgart, Monstra, Supertoon, Trebon and others) of his work. Makes animation, music, illustrations, so   He gave lectures and presentations at different universities, festivals and animation events. Since 2018. he is professor for animation at department for animation and new media at Academy of fine arts Zagreb. From 2010 -2012 he was artistic consultant for animated film at Croatian Audio-visual Centre. Since 2013 – 2017 he was member of the cultural council of city of Zagreb for film. Since 2017. He is ambassador for European animation award. Since 2011 he is artistic director of the World festival of animated films Animafest Zagreb.