2018 running time: 8′ 16 x 9
production: Ustanova Zagreb film / ALU (Academy of Fine Arts)
Producers Vinko Brešan, Aleksandar Batistta Ilić
distribution, Ustanova Zagreb film
Tehnika 2D computer
Director, Scriptwriter, Editor Marko Belić
animation Marko Belić, Lucija Bužančić, Katarina Jukić
coloring Marko Belić
compositing Marko Belić
music and sound design Ivor Plužarić, Gordan Tomić
The Puppeteer’s Song, Marijana – Vlaho Paljetak (V Paljetak/ S. Šišić) Edison Belly Electron, Zagreb, 1936
mentor Darko Kreč

Flimflam is a story about the encounter between two individuals (The Puppeteer and The Being) inside an imaginary world. The Puppeteer is a host on the planet of his, and throughout the day he longs for new company. A guest arrives which gladdens him immensely. The Puppeteer shows his affection in different ways but the guest becomes increasingly suspicious of the Puppeteer’s pandering to him. Nevertheless, the Being accepts this, as he is curious about what lies behind the friendly face.
Marko Belić, (born in Split, Croatia, in 1984) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb with a degree in Animation and New Media. He works as a freelancer doing mostly 2D animation and illustration. As a student at the Academy, he worked on numerous projects, which include animation and character design for mobile games, as well as illustrations for children’s magazines and music videos. He co-authored the trailer for the 2015 Animafest Student Film Competition at Zagreb and worked as an animator and VFX artist on docu-animated feature film Chriss the Swiss by Anja Kofmel. He directed three short animated films in the course of his studies. One of those is the film Flimflam (2018), which is also his graduation film.