At Baranja Animation Festival “The White Crow“ by Miran Miošić and “Bobo“ by Andrej Rehak were shown.
In September Zagreb Film films were shown at Betina Film Festival in Croatia, Corti in Cortile Festival in Italy, Anymasyros Festival in Greece and Anim’Est Festival in Romania.
In October our films were shown at International Schlingel Festival in Germay, Balkanima Festival in Serbia, Split Film Festival in Croatia, Sedicicorto Festival in Italy, Animatou Festival in Switzerland, Les Enfants Terribles Festival in Belgium and at KuanDu Festival in Taiwan!
Our films will be shown at Leeds Film Festival in UK, New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival in Japan, Eastern Neighbours festival in The Netherlands, Etiuda & Anima in Poland and at Kyoto International Film Festival in Japan.
During December our films will be shown at Olympia Festival in Greece, Animateka Festival in Slovenia, Educational film festival in France and Bogoshorts festival in Columbia!