Ustanova Zagreb film, 2018
duration 5’00”, 16:9, Color, Stereo
technique drawing 2D
 producer Vinko Brešan
Director, screenplay, layout, design and animator Joško Marušić
Computer processing, compositing, graphic effects and editor  Zvonimir Ćuk
Sound and music design and rerecording Hrvoje Štefotić
Voices  Dalibor Talajić
Executive producer Andrijana Vidaček
Artistic adviser  Simon Bogojević Narath

In time of fierce controversy about when the life begins, one doctor at the hospital is facing a simple, but unsolvable question, when the death begins?
Joško Marušić’s biography
He is one of the best known authors of Zagreb school of animation. His short films „Inside and out“, „Perpetuo“, „Fisheye“, „Skyscraper“, „Over there“, „Home is the best“, „Miss Link“, „In the Neighborhood of the City“, „I love You too…“… etc., won awards on the most important festivals. He produced and directed feature animated film „The Rainbow“. He is active in several art media: architecture, cartoon, caricature, illustration, literature, film and TV production. He is professor on Department of Animation and New Media at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb.