7 min 35 sec, 16:9, Color, Stereo, short animated comedy

 classic animation technique 2D computer


Producer – Vinko Brešan

Artistic Supervisor  – Simon Bogojević Narath

Script, design, directed by, animation, editor – Dinko Kumanović

Music – Igor Lepčin

Sound design – Hrvoje Niković


Dinko Kumanović was born in 1970 in Zagreb, Croatia. He works as an illustrator, comic book author and animated film artist.


Bark,Bark,Bark…    1999

All Ears                      2007

Lure                            2011

Sweet Dreams         2015




One marital idyll disappeared due to vanity on the one hand and “yes, dear” on the other. The partners have become its opposite. At the peak of the dry season, their argument and breaking up leads to a conflict of global proportions. Return of virtues, love and peace remains only a mere hope with a look to a sky…  A caricatured review of a human weaknesses and strays, and as a consequence references on current topics of endangered fauna, climate change and racism.


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