Ustanova Zagreb film, KinoKlub Zagreb 2018,
19’ 16:9, Color / DCP / stereoscopic 3D /
Producers Vinko Brešan Vedran Šuvar
Artistic Advisor Simon Bogojević Narath
Written, photographed  DOP, directed by Vladislav Knežević
editors  Vladislav Knežević Mario Kalogjera
Animation, Compositing, Stereography Mario Kalogjera
3D modeling, object animation Pavao Stanojević
Sound Design Hrvoje Pelicarić
Video sequence DoPLutvo Mekić
Machine design and construction David Peroš Bonnot
Cello Elena Kryvoshei
Sonics and Composition Vladislav Knežević Hrvoje Pelicarić
Narrator Richard Edgeler
Executive Producers Andrijana Vidaček, Maja Čuljak

Gravitational waves are passing through every existing dimension, even the almost undetectable ones. The scientific experiment, in its basic utilitarian nature, is aimed at the understanding of the multidimensional structure of things and has the potential for an uncanny experience. The device has successfully detected the unknown dimension at an infinitesimal scale and set up the parameters for magnification and tracking of all the activities in the ambient of non-place visible to us. By its typology, the universal architecture of non-place is optimized for documenting the unknowable and determining the topology of the unexpected. The film follows the course of the intense activities of the entities present in the N dimension that generate a sort of beyond-human experience. In its stereoscopic 3D version, the work is affecting the viewer in an almost physical way, setting up a mode of radical otherness in an audiovisual experience.

Vladislav Knezevic biography

28.8.1967. , Zagreb, Croatia Between 1989 and 1993 He studied 3D technique and generic electronic sound in an attempt to create a new experience of watching the movie media. In the focus He participated in exhibitions HT Awards for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb in 2106 and 2018.  A.D.A.M, was shown in the digital edition of the Machine Minds and Digital Neurons, Labocine in New York, 2018.  He worked as a curator on TV projects, all related to the presenting of contemporary art, experimental films and videos, Videodrome (TV show 2002-2004), 25fps (International Festival 2005-2009), TV – performance DM talks to DM (HRT 1, 2010) animated film series Animatik (HRT 3) and New Collections (HRT 3). Since 1989, his films have been shown at festivals, exhibitions and presentations in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, Brazil …  As a TV director, he mostly worked on programs for culture and art (Second Format, HRT 1, (2005-2014). In 2010 he directed a TV documentary New Tendency that was screened at the Venice Biennale in 2014 in the program Meetings on Architecture. During high school education at the Center for Culture and Art, he participated in activities of Kinoklub Zagreb, between 1985 and 1989 he made several experimental films.