Colonelo Futurista

author: Vladislav Knežević experimental film duration: 12 min expected completion date: 2020

B Sides (B strane)

The film B Sides (B strane) uses a photographic technique to show the backgrounds of architectonic and urban situations.

Portrait (Portret)

The film is based on an autobiographical record written in the form of the dramatic text You Sow for the Future (Siješ za budućnost) by Maja Ujević, a young author.

Fruits of Drought (Plodovi suše)

A satirical view on vanity and obedience through one couple’s marriage crisis. Their mutual intolerance leads to global conflicts.

Carrus Navalis (Carrus Navalis)

Four traditional historical carnival figures of the Republic of Ragusa are presenting Plato’s four most important human virtues in a theatrical manner to a cheerful group of masked people.

Jelenko (Jelenko)

The story centers around a schizophrenic teenager. After he witnesses a deer being killed in the woods, he starts running home in panic. On the way home, reality and subjective visions are intertwined.

First Step (Prvi korak)

How to face a moment in life when one needs to take a step into the unknown? How to overcome fear, the biggest impediment in our lives that makes us walk paved trails and stay within certain frameworks? A journey into the unknown is never smooth, and as with many things, starting is the hardest thing, that crucial first step, the starting step of every journey.