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The stranger in my head

The film is a kind of reconstruction of the book I’ve read 12 years ago. I remember mostly the way it made an influence on me and the atmosphere it created, but when it comes to caracters and action in the book there are left only fragments. So I tried to put those fragments into some context in this short animation.

Red Riding Hood Redux

Midday sun is frying the post-industrial landscape. Little Red Riding Hood is on her way to her grandmother’s cottage. She diverts the road and enters an abandoned factory building.


Two alpinists, Ola and Bole, had set out for the adventure of their life: the winter ascent of the dangerous Messer-Schmidt route. Ola made short notes about what happened on the ascent until they had to give up of the summit.

A Forest Fairy Tale

How happy would you be if today were the end of the world? And if, coincidentally, this day were your birthday, or you were just about to see your mother or go on a date with someone you like?


Protoplasm is the living substance of which the cells of an organism are built. It is the liquid foundation of life, the inner organism with thoughts and feelings. They move outward only to retreat inward again.

The Last Quest

Five brave heroes. Three incentive dwarfs. One tempting prize. Greed, vanity and lust in the contest until the very end. Who could be worthy?


On Earth enjoy is just passable. When we thing about happiness permanently, doubt that anybody knows what is it. Island is a place of colors, sounds, horizon, , smells. Person inosculate in island, island grow up inside of her and that is how island gives birth of together fulfillment.

Our Probelms

Our problem is the short animated film about the importance of daily pleasures, difficulties and problems from the perspective of the protagonists, and their objective insignificance in comparison to the whole universe.


One man’s memories are intertwined with personal and non-personal experiences. He lives other people’s problems and joys, their ideas and their misfortune. Because of those (un)necessary images in his head he cannot build his own concept of life, and he is sitting in an office of a psychiatrist.


The Process is an animated short about the process of animation as it’s taught in universities and art schools. It follows the path from the idea, or the concept that we are working on, through layout, storyboard, and scenario up to the final product – the film.


On a cruise trip thaw was supposed to be vacation of his lifetime, Jadran experiences the tragic shipwreck. After the calamity which throws him unconscious, Jadran wakes up in the middle of the ocean, all by himself.


Moving Elements

The film speaks about the creative processes which are leading to creation of works of art. We follow a car that goes through the stages of the artistic process, and it becames a part of works of art, but also a player in the abstract processes of creation.

They Live by Night

One domestic, dark, cockroach which flies badly, but ambitiously trying to do it better.

Muddy Waters

Two identical fish, two different life paths, but two identical destinies. How solid is genetic structure, at all? This film raises the question of how important the story in general is to proclaim something as the work of art?

Ghost Town

While the battle rages around an abandoned town, the remaining citizen fights his battle with loneliness though his daily rituals.