Zagreb film, 2021


10 min 27 sec, 16:9, Color, Stereo

technique  – Stop motion puppet animation

Producer – Vinko Brešan

Artistic Supervisor – Simon Bogojević Narath

Director, Scriptwriter, Animator – Bruno Razum

scenography – Damir Šuša, Bruno Razum

puppetry – Antonija Begušić, Damir Šuša, Bruno Razum

costume design – Lea Kralj Jager, Bruno Razum

film and sound editor – Monika Drahotuski

Music Composer – Hrvoje Štefotić

Re-recording Mixer – Hrvoje Štefotić

Colour grading – Domagoj Lozina

Executive Producer – Andrijana Vidaček





Can You see them, is film structured in such a way that it’s beginning also makes it’s end, creating a form of “endless day”. The focus of the plot is a boy suffering from schizophrenia. After witnessing the killing of a deer in the woods, he flees home in panic. Along the way, a series of strange situations occur that further effect on boy’s condition. Home security is just an illusion. A series of visual stimuli forces boy to return to the beginning, in the forest, to change course of events.



Bruno Razum was born in Zagreb in 1975, author animator and professor of fine arts. He has worked on the visual identity and moving graphic of many series, documentaries, film festivals and he is an author of animated film “Nikola Tesla’s Secret Laboratory”     HFa21