Ustanova Zagreb film, Anima 2018
duration 14’04”, 16:9, Color, Stereo
technique  3D
producer Vinko Brešan, Matija Pisačić, Krešimir Zimonić
story, screenplay and design, objects, characters and scenes creation and management, animation, rendering, compositing, editing Andrej Rehak
music Anita Andreis
sound design and dubbing Damir Rončević
sound advisor Richard Edgeler
technical assistant Tomislav Kaučić
artistic supervisor Simon Bogojević Narath
executive producer Andrijana Vidaček

This is a story about little Bobo, who was the smallest little boy in the world. All the little girls and all the little boys were bigger than the little Bobo, and whenever the kids were sorting by the size, Bobo was the last in line. That’s why little Bobo was very unhappy. The playful little boys had to be careful not to bother him because little Bobo was hardly bigger than the ball. Adults looked like giants from fairy tales to him, he was afraid of old crows from the park feared him as a black dragon. Bobo was so small that his parents at the door made a special small entrance, similar to the one who had a fat neighbor’s cat, terrible as a tiger. Bobo’s greatest wish was to no longer be the smallest boy in the world. That is why little Bobo one day went out in rain in order to grow bigger …

Biography Andrej Rehak
He graduated from the Mathematical Informatics School in Zagreb (MIOC), attended piano lessons at Pavao Markovac Music School and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb/ Sculpture department. He finished classical animation school in Zagreb Film, led by Dušan Vukotić. He exhibited at home and abroad. He has worked on comics, picture books, scenography for media events, television shows, concerts and operas, worked on festivals and TV shows, animated commercials and music videos, design and web design and multimedia projects. Now he is working on animated films, tracing for patterns in movements and shapes. He publishes works on scientific online archives the subject of physics space and time Filmography: The Fly, Diagram and Step (Diagrammá kài bêma), Fastforward Rewind (The Red Giant), Acceleration


Bobo is based on a picture book of the same name. A simple form of a children’s tale with a universal message speaks to all generations regardless of cultural, religious, political, national, ethnic or other contexts. The story of a little boy deals with the universal problem of fitting in. It is a story about a journey between two similar and infinitely different worlds within the same universe, a story of a journey from the world of misconception to a world of knowledge, from a world of inhibition to a world of fearless freedom, from a world of fictitious unhappiness to an imaginary world of happiness.