Albatross, Zagreb film, 2019
4 min 40 sec, 16:9, Color, Stereo
technique 2D computer
Producer Vinko Brešan
Artistic Supervisor Simon Bogojević Narath
director, scriptwriter, animator, design, music Nenad Janković
compositing, animation, sound design, editor / Filip Gašparović Melis
lead animator / Mislav Tomašinjak
coloring / Zorica Lovrinić, Gordana Delač
voice / Frederic Lanz
instrumental music / French National Defile March
performer / A. Palet Gallarini
author / Turlet
Executive Producer / Andrijana Vidaček

On an old steamship, sometime around the beginning of the 20th century, sailors are amusing themselves by mocking a captured albatross, which waddles helplessly across the ship’s deck. Their grinning heads are drawn in and ground up by a portable cogwheel. The cogwheels are swallowed up by a skull wearing a crown of factory chimneys, with airplanes flying and tanks firing out of it. In a cafe, bullies mock a poet and then kick him out onto the street. He walks away towards a rocket on the horizon, carrying a suitcase. He is followed by the albatross. They are leaving the planet.
Nenad Janković was born in 1964, in Glina, Croatia. Holds a MA in Sociology from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Worked at the “Događanja” (Events) gallery and bookshop, since 2004 he is working as a freelance artist. He had ad 12 solo exhibitions, did graphic design. He wrote and illustrated the children’s books Pufkove avanture, Rozita and Čudesno otkriće.  He is a member of the Croatian Cartoonist Association, which included his work in its group exhibitions in Oslo in 2011 and in Paris in 2012.  “Albatross”, inspired by the poem by Charles Baudelaire and produced by Zagreb Film is his film debut.