The activities and services of Zagreb Film are production of animated, documentary and experimental films, distribution of their own films and films made by other producers, organization of educational programs such as the Little School of Animated Film and the International Workshop of Animated Film, organization of the House of Croatian Film, management of the stop-motion animation studio, co-production with other production companies in the production of animated, documentary and experimental films, cooperation with the Animation and New Media Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in producing and distributing films made by students as their diploma work and selling educational materials for elementary schools and high schools.


Other activities of Zagreb Film include the following:

  • production of commercials in 2D and 3D animation techniques, stop-motion, live-action and animated films combined, live-action videos
  • production of socially-engaged videos, i.e. short-length education videos for promotion of social values, pointing out deviations in society and encouragement of humanitarian activities
  • production of promotional films for representing companies (company profile, showreel) and different events, such as fairs, festivals, fashion shows, press conferences
  • using of characters made by the Zagreb School of Animated Film and creating new characters at the client’s request
  • co-production or partnership cooperation in production of documentary, live-action and animated films with different production companies and subjects. Some of them are Ars Septima, Menorah Film, Dubravka Premar, Fade IN, Women in Homeland War Association, Creative Syndicate, Hulahop d.o.o., Factum, 3D2D Animatori, Zagreb Cinema Club.