The mission of Zagreb Film is to produce and distribute animated films, educate new generations of animated film-makers, preserve and present the films of national heritage owned by Zagreb Film, and work on other genres and forms of film. Zagreb Film production prioritizes the selection of animated film talent of all generations from the Republic of Croatia and enabling the development of their projects, i.e. ensuring production conditions for the realization of films. Distribution implies the presentation of films at film festivals and other events, as well as screening of archival films in the Republic of Croatia and the world. Generations of interested students are educated about animated film, from the youth to adults, primarily through the Little School of Animated Film (Mala škola crtanog filma) and various workshops organized by Zagreb Film. The institution keeps an abundant stock of films from the 1950s to today. Zagreb Film digitizes, restores, and presents this national film treasure to the public through various activities.


Zagreb Film intends to continue the tradition of gathering authors and working to create a centre towards which creative authors of all generations will gravitate. Zagreb Film will create an environment with the highest level of communication, common thinking, problem solving, and idea exchange, regardless of whether projects are of high artistic aspiration or commercial serials, and whether they are short animated films or of feature-length. Therefore, Zagreb Film will become a unique place and one of the most important European producers of animated film.


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