Professor Balthazar is a Croatian animated series filmed from 1967 to 1978 at Zagreb Film. The series consists of 59 episodes, each five to ten minutes long. To this day, it remains the most successful project of the Zagreb School of Animated Film. The creator of Professor Balthazar’s character was Zlatko Grgić and Pavao Štalter named the likeable scientist who, with the help of imagination and positive energy, solves his fellow citizens’ problems in Balthazar-town. The project involved a team of twenty individuals including, in addition to the aforementioned, Ante Zaninović, Boris Kolar, Milan Blažeković, Zlatko Bourek, and music composer Tomica Simović. The series became very popular in Croatia and noted a substantial success abroad as well.



Inventor of Shoes, Lighthouse Keeping, The Rise and Fall of Horatio, The Flying Fabian, Maestro Koko, Martin Makes It to the Top, Of Mice and Ben, Arts and Flowers, Happiness for two, Knitting Pretty, Victor’s Egg-O-Mat, Windy Story, Starlight Serenaders


Alfred The Night Watchman, Bim, Bam, Bum, Doctor Don’t Little, Cloud and Clear, Snow Time for Comedy, Somewhat Over The Rainbow, Some Like It Cold, Bald Is Beautiful, Stumple Bumps, For Heaven’s Cake, Some Like It Hop, The Grave Little Taylor, Steeples Are Funny


Water We Doing, Pirates and Lollipops, Lion’s Share, Vanilla Monster, Pepino Cicerone, You’re fired, Two Bees or Not, Two Bees, Maxol, Hat On Flier, Tenderfeet Centipede, Mike On The Bike, Big Saw Puzzle, Cloudy With Brawstorms


Heart on Fire, Abraham The Busy Shoe Maker, Opera Star, Business is Business, Street Musicians, The Trials of Love, Crazy Times, Two Top Hats, The Lost Rabbit, Clown Daniel, Bird, The Sad Little, Ghost, Sporting Life, An Endless Deviltry, Dancing Willy, Playing Tag, Axel The Penguin, Champion, Happiness On Wings, The Great Snoring