2018., color b/w
duration 8’23’’, no dialogue
production Kreativni sindikat
Distributer Zagreb film
producer Igor Grubić
technique 2D/ Rotoskopy
Idea, drawing, director, animator Davor Međurečan
DOP Josip Ivančić
sound design Boris Wagner
actor Damir Klemenić
actress Tara Međurečan

The story of a man who is wishing for a feeling of freedom. A man is in a dungeon and as the only way out into freedom, he sees artistic expression, dancing, acting and painting, but when he stops, the artist finds himself in the dungeon again, till one time the girl knocks on his door. We realize it is the daughter who wants to walk with him, and that the man is not in a real dungeon but an ordinary room. He takes daughter’s hand and they step out into the sunny nature, free and happy. His daughter saved him from his personal dungeon.

Davor Međurečan (Zagreb, 1971) has been animating since 1995, and has directed several short animated films Faust or About the Fall (2009), Kyrie Eleison (2004), “Main Dinner” (1997). He is the author of many animated propaganda films. With Marko Meštrović he made two successful animated films, Silencijum (2006) and Ciganjska (2004), and besides the animation, he worked on the illustration.