Professor Balthazar as a character first appeared in the animated film "The Inventor" in 1967, made by a great Croatian animator, a candidate for Oscar and British academy award and a winner of numerous awards on many animation festivals, Zlatko Grgić.

After the great success the first film had with the audience, a series of 59 films with Professor Balthazar as a main character were produced. The animated series Professor Balthazar was made in a workshop of the legendary Zagreb school of animated films. Main directors, besides Grgić, were Ante Zaninović and Boris Kolar and later on many others (Zdenko Gašparović, Pavao Štalter, Milan Blažeković). The legendary music “Balt, Balt, Baltazar…” was composed by Tomica Simović and the scenography was drawn by Zlatko Bourek.

It is a serial about the inventor Professor Balthazar, whose simplicity in solving problems in Balthazar-town draws attention of millions of viewers across the world. The serial Professor Balthazar, although made originally for children, was widely accepted and is appreciated even more by the adult audience. The reason for this lies in the sophisticated poetic and philosophic stories, and in the messages which are humanistic and universal. Professor Balthazar is a scientist, with good nature, a friend to all living beings, protector, defender of good and a fighter against evil, ecologist, promoter of tolerance, peace and love, witty, creative, modest and obliging. With his kindness and a will to help people make the world pleasant and better, Professor Baltazar is a perfect character for the 21st century.

The whole series was restored and digitalized in 2008.

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